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Essential Oils

Essential Oils are extracted from fruits, barks, flowers, leafs and other parts for the plant and responsible for the fragrance in spices or herbs. They are the real essence of the herb in a concetrated form. Essential oils have wide applications in food, cosmetis, pharmaceutical etc.

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Spice Oleoresins

Oleoresins are highly concentreated semi to free flowing viscous liquid which is custom made combination of oil and resin with characterestic flavor and aroma of the original spices. Oleresins find applications in Beverages, Meat Canning, Confectionery, Sauces and Pharmaceuticals.

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Organic Spices

Our range of organic spices include Turmeric, Green Pepper, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Celery, Cumin, Ginger, Fennel, Mace, Nutmeg etc. We produce essential oils and oleoresins from all major spices and export to US, Europe and Japan.

Turmeric Products

Turmeric health benefits are truly amazing, and has a lengthy history as a spice, coloring agent, cosmetics, dietary supplement due to various health benefits including its strong anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties.

Turmeric oleoresin

An extract of turmeric is often used for flavoring and coloring. Curcuminoids and turmeric essential oil are both contained in turmeric oleoresin, and both fractions have hypoglycemic effects. The oleoresin is used for oil-containing products. The curcumin/polysorbate solution or curcumin powder dissolved in alcohol is used for water containing products

Curcumin powder 95%

Curcuminoids known as Curcumin in short is a natually occurring chemical component composed of Curcumin, Desmothoxycurcumin, Bisdesmethoxycurcumin derived from turmeric ( Curcuma Longa ), a widely used Indian spice which has been scientifically proven for its immense anti-inflammatory properties and many health benefits. It is often used as a natural food colouring or additive with its own E number E100...read more

Turmeric Essential Oil

Extracted from the roots, also called rhizomes, via the process of steam distillation, turmeric essential oil is a lot more concentrated than the powdered form. The aroma of turmeric oil is also very much like the fresh cut root - woody and earthy with a touch of spice. And just like the powder, the oil is also packed with antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-worm, anti-allergic, and anti-parasitic healing properties.

Curcumin Granules 95%

Curcumin granules are obtained by the granulation of Curcumin powder to 16 to 40 mesh or as per customer specification. The product is widely used in pharma industry for capsulation.

Pepper Products

The peppercorn originated in Kerala, an Indian state and is known as the king of spices and was once valuable enough to be used as currency. It is arguably the most commonly used spice in the world after salt.

Black Pepper Oil (Essential oil)

The aroma of black pepper is attributed to the essential oil present in the spice, which can be recovered by steam distillation or water distillation. The essential oil contains mainly a mixture of terpenic hydrocarbons and their oxygenated compounds with boiling points in the range of 80 to 200°C.

Piperine 95%

In ancient Chinese and Indian medicine, black pepper was used as a natural medicinal agent for the treatment and alleviation of pain, chills, rheumatism, influenza, muscular pains, chills, and fevers. “Piperine which is a naturally occurring alkaloid is the major bio‐active component of pepper, which imparts pungency and biting taste to it. It is isolated as a light yellow crystalline powder from the extract of Black pepper with minimum purity of 95%. It has many health benefits as anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and It has the quality of increasing bioavailability and efficacy of different nutraceutical compounds. Curcumin when used in combination with piperine can increase the bioavailability.

Black Pepper Oleoresin

Black pepper oleoresin is the standardized extract obtained by the solvent extraction of ground pepper and it represents the total pungency and flavor constituents of pepper. Oleoresin offers considerable advantages over whole or ground spices in that they are uniform in composition as well as strength. Contaminants like mold and fungus are absent in the oleoresin and hence can be directly added to any food material after adjusting the flavor concentration. The extractives are usually made available in both oil soluble and water dispersible forms and in dry forms of the extractives.

From pepper oleoresin, numerous secondary products such as emulsions, solubilized spices, dry soluble spices, encapsulated spices, heat resistant spices, fat-based spices etc. Dry soluble pepper is prepared by dispersing the standardized oleoresin onto an edible carrier like salt, dextrose, etc. to give a product having a flavor strength equal to that of a good average quality ground pepper.

Green Pepper Corns in Brine

Unripe green pepper corns are preserved in salt and vinegar. They're much fresher tasting than white or black peppercorns, with a mild, tingling heat. Green peppercorns in brine are widely used by food , meat industries in European countries. Green peppercorns in brine are much softer than dried peppercorns. This makes them particularly suited to sauces where a crunchy texture may detract from the dish. Green peppercorns in brine are the chef's favorite ingredient when it comes to making a peppercorn sauce for steak.

Dehydrated Green Pepper Corns

Green peppercorns from the Piper nigrum plant are harvested at a different stage of ripeness (tender berries) and dehydrated quickly to preserve their color which has a mild fruity aroma compared to intense flavor of black pepper corns. The health benefits of green peppercorns come from the fact that they contain Piperine (an alkaloid believed to have a range of health benefits), Minerals (both iron and calcium), antioxidants etc.

Ginger Products

Ginger Oil

The aroma of ginger is attributed to the essential oil present in the spice, which can be recovered by steam distillation or water distillation. Ginger root essential oil is stimulating and warming and is known around the globe as a superior tonic for the body and mind. Gingerol is the most active ingredient, providing digestive support. It can be diffused, inhaled, or massaged into the skin. It’s highly utilized throughout Chinese medicine to restore energy and strengthen the heart. Ginger root essential oil is a pale yellow to deep amber color and is mildly viscous.

Ginger Oleoresin

It is produced by the solvent extraction of the dried and unpeeled rhizome of Zingiber officinale, ground to a moderately coarse powder using isopropanol, alcohol etc. Oleoresin commercially called gingering contains pungent principles viz. gingerol and shogaol apart from the volatile oil of ginger. Ginger Oleoresin is used for Hyperlipidemia, Platelet aggregation, decreased urine output, Inflammation, Coughing, Memory disorder, Poisoning and other conditions.

Nutmeg Products

Nutmeg Essential Oil

The dry kernel (seed), nutmeg, typically contains between 8% and 15% of essential oil obtained by steam distillation. The chief constituents of the aromatic oil are terpenes, mainly sabinene and ß-pinene but the important fragrance and flavor constituents or aromatic ethers, which are found in the small oxygenated portion, are myristicin which can be produced synthetically, safrole, elemicin and iso-elemicin. Nutmeg oil is a colorless, pale yellow or pale green liquid with an odor and taste of the spice. Nutmeg oil is mainly used in flavorings, especially for soft drinks (colas in general, such as Coca-Cola) and meat products. It is used in cosmetics and toiletries because of its aromatic properties, especially in men's fragrances, as well as in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals (such as Vicks Vaporub) and in flavoring tobacco. Mace oil (Mace is aril of nutmeg seed) possesses almost identical physiochemical and organoleptic properties as nutmeg oil. Mace oil is also used in perfumes and flavorings.

Nutmeg Oleoresin

Nutmeg oleoresins, obtained by solvent extraction from the dried spice of nutmeg, are used in colorings and flavorings in the food industry. The extracted spice oleoresin is a direct competitor of the dry spice.

Encapsulated Oleoresins and Essential Oils

Encapsulated Essential Oils - Powder and Granules

Essential oils are natural products extracted from plants, spices or herbs by classical and innovative methods which has many interesting applications in cosmetics, food, drugs etc. Essential oil is volatile in nature and by encapsulation, the interactions of the substance that forms the nucleus with the environment is minimized; reduces the rate of evaporation or transfer of the core compounds into the environment. The encapsulated oil which is in powder form and easy to handle, allows for release control, reduces odors and strange flavors and can homogeneously in a food product.

Encapsulated Oleoresins - Powder and Granules

Encapsulated or plated spices offer a standardised high content of flavor. They achieve high storage stability by encapsulation of valuable spice ingredients. This process also enables the spices to sustain a constant taste and flavour profile, with reduced germ count and enzymatic activity without gas treatment and irradiation. Oleoresins are encapsulated by different techniques. The most common approach is spray drying, in which the extractive is mixed with a gum or starch, then sprayed into a hot chamber to flash off the water. In another technique, the extractive is placed in a heated carbohydrate mix, which is extruded into cold alcohol to solidify the particles. This is then heated to remove the alcohol. Encapsulated spices are especially suited to dry soup and salad dressing mixes, beverage powders and any products, which will be mixed with or reconstituted in water.


Sark Spices has come to stay as the prominent manufacturer and supply of spice products and located in Kerala, India the place well known for many authentic spices. With our fine variety of high quality and acclaimed products we have established a strong foothold in the global business.



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